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GCP Training in Hyderabad Batch Details

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GCP Course Duration3 Months
GCP TimingsMonday to Saturday (Morning to Evening)
Next Batch Demo16th February 2024 AT 09:00 AM
Training ModesClassroom Training [HYDERABAD] / Online Training
GCP Server Access6 Months
Key Points Of GCP Training in Hyderabad
GCP Training Curriculum
  • Understanding Data
  • Understanding the Data Engineer Role and Cloud Computing Basics
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • ETL to ELT for databases, data stores, data lakes, data warehouses, and NoSQL databases
  • Big Data Fundamentals
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Hadoop basics (HDFS, MR) and Data Warehouse (DWH) principles
  • Data Ingestion & Pipelines
  • Python Basics (Scripting)
  • UNIX Commands
  • NoSQL – Cassandra
  • Data Bricks with PySpark
  • Understanding GCP Components
  • Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Dataflow: Pub/Sub Apache. Kafka
  • Hadoop/Cloud Data Processing Ecosystem
  • Data Publishing & Data Warehouse
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Composer Apache AirFlow

  • An overview of AWS and Azure.
  • Understand the Azure Data Factory.
  • Understand the various Azure Data Factory components.
  • Azure Delta Lake S3, Lambda Functions (AWS).


  • Redshift Overview (AWS)

  • Agile Processes (JIRA, Scrum, and Sprint)
  • GIT Process – Code and Scripts
  • Confluence – Documents
  • Requirements Understanding the Go-Live/Production deployment procedure

  • End-to-end usage scenarios
  • Mock interviews.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation

About GCP Training in Hyderabad

Welcome to MyLearnNest’s comprehensive GCP Training in Hyderabad. Cloud computing is revolutionizing the IT industry, and GCP is at the forefront of this transformation. Whether you’re an aspiring cloud professional, an IT enthusiast, or a business looking to migrate to the cloud, our training program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of GCP. 

What is GCP?

Google Cloud Platform, or GCP, is an advanced cloud-based platform developed and maintained by the Google Company. The integration of GCP services empowers enterprises to seamlessly leverage Google’s robust infrastructure to create custom server applications. 

GCP integration allows organizations to use Google’s robust infrastructure for various applications, including data warehousing, artificial intelligence, compute engines, data storage, and web hosting. Our training curriculum is designed to give learners theoretical knowledge and practical experience with GCP services across various disciplines.

GCP stands out for its broad capability and seamless integration, making it an excellent solution for businesses looking to improve their cloud operations. We understand the vital role GCP plays in the industry, and our training curriculum reflects this by providing a complete learning experience. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including cloud computing concepts and data engineering, as well as in-depth examinations of GCP components such as data analytics and task automation.

Introducing MyLearnNest Training Academy: Your Gateway to GCP Expertise in Hyderabad

Are you ready to soar to new heights in the cloud computing landscape? 

Welcome to MyLearnNest Training Academy, your premier destination for mastering Google Cloud Platform Training in Hyderabad. As technology evolves, cloud computing has emerged as a pivotal force driving innovation, efficiency, and scalability across industries. 

MyLearnNest’s devotion goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We aspire to educate our students with abilities that are not only certifiable but also practical in real-world circumstances. Our institute offers a blended learning experience incorporating classroom and online training courses, ensuring flexibility for various learning types.

Enrolling in our GCP training programme is more than obtaining certifications; you embark on a transformative journey that will improve your practical skills and open doors to exciting new career opportunities. Discover the world of cloud computing with MyLearnNest, where knowledge and innovation meet. Join us to deepen your understanding of GCP.

Our GCP training in Hyderabad is designed to provide beginners and experienced professionals with a well-rounded understanding of Google Cloud Platform. From the fundamentals to advanced concepts, we’ll cover everything you need to know to excel in the cloud.

At MyLearnNest, we understand the significance of staying ahead in this dynamic field, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-notch GCP training that equips you with the skills to navigate the cloud confidently.

Embark on Your GCP Journey with MyLearnNest:

Join us at MyLearnNest Training Academy and dive into the world of Google Cloud Platform with confidence. Our commitment to excellence, hands-on learning, and personalized approach ensures that you’ll gain technical expertise and a deeper understanding of cloud concepts that can propel your career to new heights.

Visit our academy or contact us today to learn more about our GCP training courses, schedules, and enrollment details. Get ready to spread your wings in the cloud with MyLearnNest Training Academy – where learning takes flight!

What are the prerequisites for learning GCP?

The prerequisites for studying the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are:

Working with databases requires at least a basic understanding of SQL. SQL knowledge enables you to work with databases and data-related services on GCP.

Basic Programming Skills (Java, Python, or C):

You should have experience with at least one programming language, such as Java, Python, or C. GCP has several scripting and automation options, and basic programming skills will allow you to use them more effectively.

While the prerequisites indicated above are helpful, GCP is intended to be user-friendly, allowing users of all skill levels to utilize it. As you progress through GCP training, you may encounter specific tools or services that require more specialist knowledge; nonetheless, a basic understanding of SQL and programming will provide a solid foundation for learning and deploying GCP services.

Who can attempt this course?

  • Database Engineers
  • Big Data/Hadoop Engineers
  • ETL/Data Warehouse Engineers
  • Any Application Programmers
  • Test Engineers
  • Data Analysts

GCP Data Engineer Demo Video:


Modes of Training For GCP Training in Hyderabad

In Class Training

We offer classroom training that will be very comprehensive with enhanced reporting for the teams and individuals. Lab access will be provided for all the students who opted for the classroom training. There will be 24/7 online assessments and complete support in your learning journey.

Live Instructor led online Sessions

Engage in dynamic, interactive learning experiences with live sessions conducted by GCP online training expert instructors. Accessible from anywhere, these sessions offer real-time guidance and foster active participation for optimal understanding and skill development.

Live Instructor led online Sessions

Our online Microsoft Dynamics Course Training in Hyderabad offers learning from certified industry experts with live sessions. You can access the 24/7 online assessments and support from the instructors. Lab access will be provided for all the students who opted for the online training. Lifetime LMS access will be given to the candidates enrolled. You can have the flexibility of choosing fast-track, regular, or weekend batches.

Why Choose MyLearnNest for GCP Training?

Expert Faculty: Our training institute boasts a team of industry experts and certified GCP professionals who bring a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. Learn from the field’s best and gain insights beyond textbooks.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our GCP training program is meticulously crafted to cover a broad spectrum of GCP services, tools, and solutions. From computing and storage to data analytics and machine learning, we ensure you’re well-versed in the essentials.

Hands-on Learning: At MyLearnNest, we believe in learning by doing. Our practical, hands-on approach ensures you work directly with GCP tools and technologies, solidifying your understanding and boosting confidence.

Flexible Learning Options: We understand that your commitments vary, so we offer flexible learning options. Choose from classroom sessions, online classes, or both to suit your schedule and learning preferences.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure: Our state-of-the-art training facilities have the latest technology and resources, providing an immersive learning environment that mirrors real-world cloud scenarios.

Customized Training Paths: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, we offer tailored training paths that cater to different skill levels. Our courses are designed to accommodate your learning journey.

Certification Guidance: GCP certifications are recognized as a mark of expertise in the industry. Our training doesn’t just prepare you for these certifications; we guide you through the process, ensuring your success.

Career Support: As you complete your GCP training at MyLearnNest, you can access our career support services. From resume building to interview preparation, we’re here to assist you in taking the next step in your career.

Flexible Timings

Our course timings are flexible and user-friendly allowing a convenience for our students.

Complete Hands-On-Training

Practical real-time experience of GCP  training with hands-on assistance. 

Student diaries

We have trained over 350+ students in GCP with 150+ successful placements.

Affordable Fees

My Learn Nest does not charge additional or accessory charges or fees for any of the programs from the GCP training in Hyderabad.

Corporate Expert Trainer

We are led by a team of professional and certified GCP Data Engineer expert trainers.

Updated Syllabus

Our GCP training syllabus consists of updated concepts and GCP Data Engineer to keep our students updated.

Earn a Certificate

Enroll in our GCP Data Engineer training in Hyderabad and get a certified course completion certificate.

Lifetime Study Material

You can enjoy lifetime access to our study material and LMS.

Testimonials of GCP Training in Hyderabad
Mounika Naidu
Mounika Naidu

It is really very good institute to learn GCP Data Engineer Training. Explaining Real time scenarios along with subject knowledge is a plus point. Also good guidance has been given by My Learn Nest trainer. I strongly recommend to choose My Learn Nest Training institute to learn GCP Training, this is Best GCP training in Hyderabad Highly Recommended


This training on GCP Data Engineer Training is really helpful for me to improve my career and reach my goal in the software industry.

Harshitha Suharsha
Harshitha Suharsha

I am happy with the faculty and the outcome on completion of the course.


I am a beginner to learn GCP Data Engineer Training which is related to coding. I was initially so scared but the faculty at MY LEARN NEST are very supportive and friendly, they made me understand each and every concept and help me complete the course and get a good opportunity in the industry. Thank you MY LEARN NEST and I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

GCP Training Certification

After completing the GCP Data Engineer Course, you will be provided a certificate from our MyLearnNest Training Academy which will help you for your interview purpose

Key Benefits of Our GCP Data Engineer Certification:

  1. Industry-Respected Credentials:

    • Enhance your professional profile with our GCP Data Engineer certification, demonstrating industry recognition and the validation of your talents.

    • Stand out in a competitive job market by demonstrating highly recognized and recognized qualifications by top employers.

  2. Interview Success Guarantee:

    • A physical certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and mastery of GCP Data Engineering.

    • Ensure interview success by presenting yourself as a qualified professional, earning interviewers’ faith in your abilities and dedication.

  3. Career Advancement Opportunities:

    • You can explore various career opportunities with a validated skill set in GCP Data Engineering.
    • Advance your career by increasing your employability and positioning yourself for desired possibilities that meet your professional objectives.
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GCP Data Engineer Placements


    GCP Data Engineer 𝟭𝟯 𝗟𝗣𝗔

    Challa Nishrutha

      Challa Nishrutha

      GCP Data Engineer 𝟭0 𝗟𝗣𝗔



        GCP Data Engineer 𝟭0 𝗟𝗣𝗔



          GCP Data Engineer 8 𝗟𝗣𝗔



            GCP Data Engineer 10 𝗟𝗣𝗔



              GCP Data Engineer 𝟭𝟯 𝗟𝗣𝗔

              Advantages of learning the GCP Data Engineer Training Program

              GCP Training Training in Hyderabad offers structured and tailored training to improve the applied skills by providing all the prerequisite technical training required to master GCP Training for better job experience and accountability. 

              After the course, you will get experiential knowledge in –

              After finishing the GCP training course, participants can expect to gain practical experience in the following areas:

              • Learn the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and its overall architecture. This includes understanding the fundamental components, services, and architectural concepts that underpin GCP.
              • Get hands-on experience with GCP by completing real-world exercises and projects. The course emphasizes application over theory, allowing students to navigate the GCP environment comfortably.
              • Advanced GCP Training Skills: Learn to use GCP services beyond the basics. Learn about advanced features, tools, and best practices for increasing performance and efficiency in the GCP environment.
              • GCP training packages address several platform aspects, ensuring a thorough understanding. Modules may include cloud computing fundamentals, data engineering, Big Data, analytics, and other areas, ensuring participants have a broad skill set.
              • Improve performance by using GCP for a variety of applications. Participants will learn how to optimize resources, create efficient solutions, and effectively troubleshoot issues in the GCP environment.

              Completing the GCP training course at MyLearnNest provides learners with academic knowledge and practical experience, enabling them to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of cloud computing with the Google Cloud Platform.

              Job titles and roles after completing the training and certification in GCP

              As of the most recent update from Naukri, Hyderabad is bustling with job opportunities, especially in the GCP Data Engineer Jobs in Hyderabad. They seek skilled professionals to join their teams and contribute to their success. If you have expertise in GCP Data Engineer or are looking to venture into this dynamic field, here are some exciting job openings for you:

              Benefits of Pursuing GCP Data Engineering Roles:

              1. High Demand for Expertise:

                • Companies are actively seeking professionals with GCP Data Engineering skills due to the increasing adoption of cloud technologies.
              2. Competitive Salaries:

                • Enjoy lucrative compensation packages, with GCP Data Engineers often commanding competitive salaries in the job market.
              3. Innovation Opportunities:

                • Work on cutting-edge projects, leveraging GCP tools to design and implement robust data solutions.
              4. Career Growth Trajectory:

                • GCP Data Engineering roles provide a clear career path with opportunities for specialization and advancement.

              Start Your GCP Data Engineering Journey Today!

              Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your career in GCP Data Engineering. Seize the opportunity to apply your skills and contribute to the data revolution. Explore the listed job roles and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in GCP Data Engineering.

              Your dream job in GCP Data Engineering awaits – Apply now and embark on a journey of professional success!

              Trend of GCP training course in Hyderabad

              In today’s rapidly changing technological world, there is an increasing demand for qualified cloud computing specialists, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has emerged as a market leader. The popularity of GCP training courses reflects the industry’s understanding of the platform’s enormous possibilities and the necessity for professionals capable of maximizing its potential.

              Top Trends in GCP Training Courses:


              Hyderabad’s Growing Job Market:

              According to the latest Naukri update, job possibilities in Hyderabad are improving, particularly for GCP Data Engineering positions. This development highlights the city’s growing reputation as a hub for cloud computing expertise.

              Various job openings:

              The job postings in Hyderabad cover a wide range of roles that reflect the diverse applications of GCP. Individuals with GCP knowledge can work in various roles, including development and analytics, machine learning, and technical support.

              Industry Recognized GCP Skills:

              Employers are actively looking for professionals with GCP training and certification. The comprehensive programme covers GCP fundamentals, data engineering, big data, analytics, and other topics, highlighting the industry’s growing reliance on cloud-based solutions.

              Focus on Hands-On Experience:

              GCP training courses emphasize practical, hands-on experience. Participants understand theoretical concepts and acquire significant experience navigating the GCP environment, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

              Advancements in GCP Skills:

              GCP training goes beyond the fundamentals, emphasizing advanced abilities. Participants focus on boosting performance, learning many GCP modules, and widening their experience to meet the industry’s growing demands.

              Job Roles with Competitive Salary:

              The job market in Hyderabad provides fascinating jobs such as GCP Developer, Data Pipeline Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and others, all with competitive average yearly incomes, making GCP training a wise investment for career advancement.

              Strategic overview of cloud providers:

              GCP training courses often cover a broad range of cloud providers, culminating in a strategic grasp of the cloud computing landscape. This larger perspective helps professionals navigate multi-cloud environments.

              Why should you pursue GCP training now?


              The trends in GCP training courses suggest that the industry understands GCP’s critical position in cloud computing. Professionals who invest in GCP training put themselves at the forefront of this technological shift, leading to many work prospects in a fast-changing profession.

              As more sectors migrate to the cloud, the demand for GCP-trained professionals will increase. Whether you’re new to IT or want to improve your cloud skills, GCP training sessions can help you gain knowledge and succeed in the ever-changing world of cloud computing. Enrol now to remain ahead of the competition and begin your journey to a future-ready job in Google Cloud Platform.


              What is the Google Cloud Certification Course Fee?

              GCP Training in Hyderabad FAQ's

              Do you Provides GCP Training Placement Guarantee?

              Yes, our GCP training program includes a comprehensive placement guarantee, ensuring that our participants receive the necessary support and resources to enhance their skills and successfully secure placement opportunities in the industry.

              How does the GCP course support?

              GCP Training is the most popular among industries. Our industry-oriented training assists students in shaping their careers in the field of GCP Data Engineer and settling into various roles with high pay.

              When can I access the course?

              Students can access our GCP Data Engineer Training at any time. Students have full liberty to access the course whenever they want, according to their convenience.

              What is the state of the infrastructure?

              In My Learn Nest, we abide by the rules for using our institution's latest trendy technological tools and stand up to the latest release of GCP Data Engineer. We have designed the courses to help students to become professionals. We provide the best learning platform to our students. Our course topics are based on the industry standards.

              What is the uniqueness of your GCP institution?

              Our institution's course structure is designed according to the needs and demands of the industry. The curriculum makes our students most comfortable. Our training incorporates experience in the real-time sector and also helps students accomplish their potential and stand high compared to other students.Our motive is to make students learn with confidence. We provide the quality teaching to students. Our training courses are available for all levels of students. We also provide the free demo classes to students for their first time. Our training sessions are interactive which makes students learn easily. Our training content is updated regularly. We have designed the courses to help students to become professionals. We provide the best learning platform to our students. Our course topics are based on the industry standards.

              Why We Choose My Learn Nest:

              My Learn Nest is the best online training institute in Hyderabad India. It is the one of the best training institute in Hyderabad Which we offer the Trainings on Student Convenience in the best way. We are providing the quality education at affordable price. Our motive is to make students learn with confidence. We provide the quality teaching to students. Our training courses are available for all levels of students. We also provide the free demo classes to students for their first time. Our training sessions are interactive which makes students learn easily. Our training content is updated regularly. We have designed the courses to help students to become professionals. We provide the best learning platform to our students. Our course topics are based on the industry standards.

              What if I miss any class?

              We will arrange backup classes for you or you can also join the next live session conducted by the same trainer to catch up with the pending work.

              Will I get a placement assistant?

              Yes, ofcourse. We provide placement assistance to the students enrolled in our batch along with resume preparation, mock interviews etc.

              Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

              Definitely. We offer a free GCP Training demo class in Hyderabad at our My Learn Nest. This will help give you a better idea of the course.

              Who are the trainers at GCP Course training?

              The GCP Data Engineer trainers are professionals with 10+ years of working experience. They use high-end training methods to train the students effectively for a good learning experience.

              Who Are Eligible For The GCP Training Certification Course:

              It is not necessary to have a particular degree to sit for GCP Data Engineer certification. Every graduate can apply to this course certification like Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Bachelor of Computer Science (BCom) and Post-Graduates. Anyone can apply for this certification. Every graduate has to meet certain eligibility criteria and pass the test, in order to sit for the exam. The eligibility criteria include holding a minimum of four years of experience in an GCP environment, having a minimum of two years of experience in any one GCP Training, or having at least 12 months of full-time experience in any module.

              What if I have more queries?

              You can always reach out to our team via the contact details provided on our website. We have a fast responsive team who will revert back at the earliest.

              Will I get proper practical training in SAP EWM Course?

              Yes, you will get hands-on real-time practical exposure to GCP during the training program. We use case studies to teach all the core concepts of GCP Data Engineer for the students to get a revised understanding of the course

              How much salary can I expect in the field of GCP Course?

              Salary depends and it may differ on the level of your experience. It starts with 8 LPA to 15 LPA or more depends on your skill set and experience.

              What are the prerequisites to learn GCP course in Hyderabad?

              There are no such prerequisites to learn GCP course, Any graduate with a good communication skill, problem-solving capabilities,Computer science engineers, People with hands-on coding skills, GCP, People who are good at programming would be grate to join the GCP Data Engineer Training in Hyderabad.

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